Friday, November 5, 2010

Rude Awakening

The past few days I have been sick with the flu, but I still managed to  do the morning chores, albeit a bit groggily. Yesterday I went to let the dogs out into the yard and to feed the chickens and I  didn't even notice there was a big raccoon right there, chowing down on the chicken feed, until I  opened the gate and Nutmeg went totally berserk.

I know raccoons can be very fierce and was worried Nutmeg was going to be  seriously hurt; she was repeatedly dodging and charging and snapping at the the raccoon, which would then charge Nutmeg, snarling. Cocoa was keeping her distance, barking like a cheerleader. I yelled for Rog. He came outside, grabbed a big leaf rake and tried to separate Nut from the coon at a rake's-length distance. What a commotion -  yelling and snarling and hissing and barking and clucking. Not to mention mooing-the cows were getting in on it too, or just wanted breakfast.
Rog finally got Nutmeg away from the raccoon enough that it lumbered to  the big maple tree, scampered up, and crawled way out on a scrawny branch at the top where it hung out all day.  The raccoon looked so innocent and cute when up in the tree.  I didn't see it climb down, but later in the afternoon when I went out to check the mail, it was gone.

We checked Nutmeg over carefully and didn't find a scratch, although the raccoon had a bit of blood on its face.  I hope it is okay, but that Nutmeg gave it enough of a fright that it decides not to venture into our farmyard again. I have heard many horror stories about raccoons ruthlessly killing chickens -dozens of chickens.  From now on I will refrain from feeding the chickens just before roosting time so there is not a pan of leftovers to lure in raccoons.


Ribbit said...

Those can be some dangerous beasts. The local paper here is posting a story on a baby who is in critical condition after being mauled by raccoons in its crib. Don't know quite yet how/why they were in the house, but the poor child isn't improving. Glad to hear the dog seemed like the victor in this situation. Hopefully it scared the raccoon from coming for seconds.

katiegirl said...

Oh man! I'm glad the dogs weren't hurt, and hopefully that darn (cute) raccoon won't be back!

Karen Anne said...

There are raccoons on my deck every night. I set out peanuts and so on for them, the skunks, and the foxes. Occasionally I go out on the deck to refill the dishes, and they hightail it away. None of them has ever been threatening.

Susan said...

I like raccoons, skunks and foxes ( I don't even really mind coyotes) but I want them to stay in the woods, out of the farmyard. Our dogs have done an amazing job deterring 4-footed intruders, keeping our free-range birds safe from everything but the darned owl.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I just discovered you(not sure why your blog came up while researching how to make a snood...). Good thing your dog is alright. They are vicious & sneaky critters, them coons. I just had 2 weeks of one finding different ways into our chicken coop, killing off every hen we had.(we only had 8 since we were thinning out for the chicks to take over). If your up to it, try a live trap by the coop in case he comes back and goes that way. A tip given to me was they seem to like marshmallows. lol.