Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey for Two

We planned to have a a small family Thanksgiving with my parents visiting, but due to a snowstorm up north,  my parents decided to stay put. So, Rog and I had a romantic Thanksgiving dinner for two. We scaled back the menu to the bare feast essentials (turkey, dressing, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie) and spent all day cooking together at a leisurely pace.
We roasted the smallest of our turkeys - 16 pounds.  Rog was in charge of the turkey, and it was delectable! (Thank you , dear turkey.)
A four-day weekend is such a treat!  We putzed around the farm, filled bird feeders, organized stuff in the barn, installed a heater in the summer kitchen, and we took a walk around the big loop to burn off some of that turkey dinner.
While Rog played with fire, burning a big pile of buckthorn and brush, I painted.
On Saturday night, The Nodding Wild Onions were featured performers at the River Sing and Poetry slam I helped organize for the Women and Water Rights exhibition. Rog plays in this crossover blues band. They  learned an amazing repertoire of river songs for this event.
Thanksgiving Day may have been over, but the cooking continued all weekend. Rog made a batch of pretty  (and yummy!) multi-grain sourdough breads.
I simmered turkey stock for most of two days. Tonight, most of that stock and leftover turkey went into savory turkey pot pies, chock full of veggies and herbs, which are now in the freezer.  The next blizzardy winter night, I'll bake them in the oven while we shovel out. We'll come in, snow-covered and icy cold, to a warm kitchen and the heavenly aroma of this most comforting of comfort foods.  Almost makes me wish for a snowstorm!

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