Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Infusion of Youthful Energy and Muscles

We had a Farm Mob on Saturday!  Ten students from RCTC and their sociology professor, Lynn Guenette,  arrived at noon and spent the afternoon getting dirt under their fingernails and helping us accomplish all sorts of farm projects.   The students had a broad range if experience and inexperience - from this young woman from New York City (she commented that she felt like she was on a movie set) to another student whose family milks over 3,000 head of dairy cattle.

Many hands make light work, and with all these hands in just 4 hours we accomplished a 40-hour work week! Sugar snap peas and Walla Wall onions got planted.
Compost piles got turned
and finished compost spread upon the garden.
A team helped Rog check and repair the fence around the pasture.
It was a workout
and  the potato bed got tilled.
A big  pile of leaf mulch got moved.
Two cherry trees got planted
and two pear trees got planted.
Stray young raspberry plants were dug up for transplanting into a new bed.
The winter's accumulation of empty feed sacks were slit open, soaked and laid down between the rows of raspberries to smother the weeds, then covered with straw.

Not to mention, the greenhouse got weeded and a big pile of brush burned!
Huge thanks to Professor Guenette for encouraging her students to farm for a day!
It was hard work, and the weather was getting cold and rainy at the end, but I think everybody had some fun.

Afterward, we made wood-fired pizza.  I don't know how those young, strong, energetic students fared, but Rog and I were totally pooped-- we took a nap after everyone left!

Thanks again. We are so appreciative of your help.  Come back any time!!


basebell6 said...

how awesome to have so many helpers!!!!!!! loved the photos of them enjoying themselves.

Snooks said...

This looks like an incredible day. Looks like everyone there enjoyed themselves too. A whole bunch was accomplished as well.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

gz said...

good to have that all done!

Marcia said...

Wow! What kind of course credit did they get for that?