Friday, April 27, 2012

Irresistible Calves for Sale

I  realized I haven't posted photos of the bovines lately - and I better before it is too late. We have decided to sell Jitterbug and Lindy.
Jitter is the petite black Dexter heifer. She used to be very timid but she has come out of her shell. She is curious and approaches new people easily now. She likes attention and if Lindy is getting it, she will butt in for her share.

Lindy has always been a very easygoing and friendly little steer.  He allows me to drape myself over him.  He comes ambling over (deliberately, never running) when I call him. I think he would have a great temperament for an ox.
We will keep Lariat (the brown Dexter cow) and LaFonda (our spotted Jersey- mix milk cow.)  Both are due to calve in July and are bred to the same sires as fathered Jitter and Lindy. So if we are lucky, we will end up with two very similar calves to Jitter and Lindy.
I would love to keep the whole herd, but we simply do not have enough pasture for 6  head of cattle, nor can we afford to feed such a large herd as pets.
Probably the main impetus for selling the calves now is that we need to dry up  LaFonda and Lariat in preparation for their impending calves in July, to give their bodies a rest and allow them to  produce colostrum, which is vital for newborn calves.

It's a bit ridiculous, these two big one-year-old babies are still nursing!  We don't have a good way to separate the calves from the cows, so if we don't sell them, we will have to  insert weaner rings in their noses.  The weaners I purchased are bright orange plastic plates that don't allow the calf to reach the teat. They have short plastic spikes that are uncomfortable for the cow so she won't let the calf  nurse. They don't hurt the calves but I dread trying to insert them! And they look ugly.
A family is interested in Jitter and Lindy for their two young girls who are in 4-H.  These calves would be awesome 4H projects!
I get a bit verklempft every time I think about them leaving
but it would be such a relief for them to go to a home that will tend them with lots of love and  pampering
and wonderful if they can stay together--they are good buddies.


SmithGang said...

They are beautiful!

CrazyChicken said...

Some people just don't understand how one could become attached to a bovine. Having grown up on a dairy farm and showed just about all species allowed in 4-H, I do know that they all have their own unique personalities, just like we do. That is not to confuse with intelligence, I am just saying personality.
It is nice you were able to find a home that makes you comfortable, Susan. They look like big babies ;)
Take care.