Thursday, April 19, 2012


Over Easter, we took our first trip together since moving to the farm. We went to Oregon to visit Rog's mom, Ruth.  After spending a few days in Eugene, we all drove to Yachats and rented a little cottage with a fantastic view of the waves and tides.  We got there just in time for  a beautiful sunset over the Pacific.
Early morning tide-pooling.
Starfish scattered about.
Some tidepools are exuberant gardens of starfish and sea urchins.
The wind  made veils of  mist spray from the waves.
Couldn't get enough of watching  the waves.
Lunch at Cafe Mundo in Newport.
Fuzzy bike parked in Cafe Mundo courtyard.
The Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport has rooms decorated to represent  famous authors.
The John Steinbeck Room. (The  reading lights are the headlights of the truck.)
Yaquina Head Lighthouse.
Rocks at Yaquina Head.
Common Murres on island at Yaquina Head.
I love how the Murres come in for a landing.
Low tide from our cottage.
Tide rising at evening.
Sunsets so beautiful, if they were a painting they would be "bad art."
I am so grateful we got to visit the Oregon coast with my wonderful mom-in-law!
I missed my farm critters, but made friends with some seagulls,


Clint Baker said...

WOW! My wife went to Mt. Hood, Oregon in February for her brothers wedding! It is so beautiful there!

Snooks said...

I love love the coast. I grew up about 2 hours away from the beach so could go almost anytime. Even for just the day. Boy do I miss that now. We live over 6 hours away now. SO it is a long trip with a minimum of an overnight stay somewhere. I have been to the light house and that area. So pretty. I can sit and watch the ocean for hours. Thanks for sharing the picutres.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

katiegirl said...

Beautiful photos. It look so pretty and relaxing there!