Monday, April 2, 2012


This morning when I went into the barn to get hay for the cows, I heard that familiar tiny sound, "peep, peep."

I discovered a hen  on a clutch of eggs, two of which had hatched, inside a 5-gallon bucket stored under the ladder to the hayloft.  Not the most brilliant  nest site -the chicks would never be able to get out!

I turned the bucket sideways and added a bit of  straw. Perhaps some of the other eggs will hatch over the next couple days.
Mom took the chicks out  for a bit of food and water, then  herded them back to the bucket.


Cheri said...

nothing like little chicks! So sweet.

kalanilu said...

What a magical find!

Allison at Novice Life said...

How cute!

Snooks said...

Aww little peeps. So cute. What a wonderful little treat to find.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Marcia said...

Your brood grows. Were you expecting the hen to hatch the eggs?

Anonymous said...

Susan I am looking for a few dozen chicks for raising eggs for The Restaurant do any of yours need a good home?? Also I am out of your greens! Can I come to you?? I want to see ur store also? 507 696 7139
The Madd Greek

Kinda Like a Chef said...

Love this!! I just found your blog when searching for "chicken tattoo" lol. Your farm is exactly what I hope to be doing in a few years. And I love your blog!