Thursday, December 20, 2012


We went to bed last night with promises of a blizzard arriving during the night. It was quite warm in the afternoon, however, so I spent a couple hours preparing--hauling in a few forgotten flower pots and lawn chairs, giving the chickens and cows fresh bedding, and shoveling a mountain of manure that had accumulated around the hay feeder. The ground was bare and brown, so I was  eagerly anticipating a snowstorm, but when we went to bed only a few flakes had begun to fall.
Sure enough,  this morning we had several inches of  snow, with more falling.

Rog got up at  6 a.m. and cleared out the driveway with the snowblower so he could get to work on time.
He blew me a nice path to the barn and coop to make chores easier.  Of course the wind picked up and filled in the path this afternoon, so we will have to clear it again.
Meanwhile, I shoveled the steps and woveled the patio. A Wovel is a shovel on a wheel; it is much easier on your back than a shovel and I like it better than the snowblower because it is quiet and doesn't spray snow in your face.
After chores, I went on a little walk around the farm through the snowstorm.

The wind hadn't picked up yet, so the branches were still picturesquely covered in snow.
By the time I looped around to the pine windbreak on the north side of the property, the wind was blasting and pretty darn cold. It had blown away much of the snow under the trees down to the frozen ground.
The  back side of my future perennial garden.  There are about 300 bulbs planted here that will miraculously bloom next spring --I hope.
The Warre beehives, wrapped in their special hive insulation, with a cap of snow.
Oops, we forgot to put away the hammock, out of sight out of mind behind the garage.
The ducks and goose ventured out of the coop but  all of the chickens hunkered down inside today. Judging from the lack of  tracks in the snow, the cows hung out inside the loafing shed all day too, except to eat and drink.
So far, we have gotten about 7 inches of snow, only half of what other communities in the heart of the storm have received.  Tonight the wind is blustering at 45 miles per hour. We people, dogs and cats are happy to be settled snug in the house for the night.


Mary Ann said...

Your place is so very beautiful and peaceful looking in the snow!

Annnightflyer said...

What a pretty place you have and the snow is something else.I've seen people in their hot tubs before,I don't know if I could do that during the winter,but they say it's refreshing.They do however use alot of electric,so...

Susan said...

Annniightfluyer, I know the precise spot where I want a hot tub someday - just a few steps outside my office (formerly porch) door. Nothing like a winter night in a hot tub with a glass of wine, brilliant stars above, frosty breath, and a few icy snowflakes landing on your cheeks. You are right about the electric bill, however --must investigate solar thermal and rocket stoves...