Sunday, December 2, 2012

In a December Fog

We awoke to a pea-soupish fog this morning, the first day of December. Somehow that seems fitting, since this month is going to be a blur -- my  brain is already in a December fog.
I fed the cows right away but decided to leave the chickens closed in the coop a bit longer while I enjoyed the peaceful quiet.
It was so gray the yard light was still on at 7:30 a.m.
I invited Zinnie along on a little photo-taking walk in the woods and prairie, her first time out there.
The woods was silent except for the sound of muffled dripping.
Not a lot to see in the prairie!
We might harvest one of these little spruce or white pines to be our Christmas tree this year.
I especially love walking through the Norway spruce windbreak in the fog.
Zinnie checked out the ramshackle old shed where Sara raised two pigs a couple years ago. We might  have to  refurbish this shed enough to raise a couple more pigs--Cadence is thinking she would like to have a pig roast at her wedding celebration on the farm next summer.
Chickens in the fog.
And  ducks and goose. They really appreciate this warm weather when I can fill the pool with fresh water for them. They like swimming much better than ice skating.
Usually we have a fabulous view of rolling hills to the east!

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Cheri said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!