Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Snow In...a Really Long Time

We had a little snowstorm on Sunday and awoke to a few inches of beautiful white stuff yesterday.  (The radio announced it was our first snow in about 290 (can't remember the precise number) days. I took my camera with me during morning chores.
The coop. Only a few chickens ventured out into the the snow all day, but the goose and ducks explored the winter wonderland.
Behind the coop - coop, barn, loafing shed.
The cows had waded through the  ankle-deep snow to the top of the hill in the east pasture to get a better view. they came plowing down the hill at top speed when they sw I had hay for them.
Snow sheeting off the high tunnel greenhouse. We noticed some rabbit damage already on the peach and plum trees - must get hardware cloth around them pronto!
The Warre hives look cute in the snow, but a couple hours after this photo was taken my backordered hive insulation arrived; I spent the afternoon wrapping the hives with it, and now they have unpicturesque  black quilted plastic tied around them.
A view of the garden shed and back of the granary from the beehives.
The "back yard."
Welcome bench.


Annnightflyer said...

Beautiful pictures!Snow always make everything look so clean.

Marcia said...

Your red buildings make such a lovely contrast to the snow in your photos. Picture perfect!

katiegirl said...

Such a beautiful farm!

Patrick said...

What a beautiful homestead with the red buildings and amber hives. Envy your lives.

Susan said...

Thanks, you all. I am always so happy for the first snow that brightens everything after the dreary, bare, cold end of fall. We love, love love this little homestead and feel so blessed to be here, learning to be farmers.