Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Puppy Power

 Zinnia, our collie/border collie puppy has grown so much and learned a lot already.  Her coat is getting thicker and longer, her tail  seems  to be getting fluffier and has developed black fur, and I think her nose is getting more collie-like. Housetraining is coming along, and she has mastered sitting on command.

The frst few weeks, neither of our older dogs, Nutmeg or Cocoa, would even look at  Zinnie. They retreated upstairs and pretended she did not exist.  But now she has won them over and they seem to really enjoy her. Nutmeg, especially, wags her tail happily when Zinnie comes running over to play, allows Zinnie to climb all over her and wrestles around with her.
Nutmeg does not ordinarily allow other dogs to even put a single paw on her back.  But she is very patient with Zinnie, even though I can say from experience that Zinnie has very sharp little teeth that she occasionally uses in in her exuberance.
Puppies can be so annoying!
Eventually Nut will put Zinnie in her place - but it isn't really as fierce and scary as it looks in this photo.
It has been so much fun watching the big dogs play with Zinnie--she really brings out the puppy in them.  Zany Zinnie.


Annnightflyer said...

oh how cute!That is something else.It's so much fun watching dogs play!

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Cheri said...

We noticed our older dog become more animated when we brought a puppy home ... that is after the initial ignoring of the puppy!