Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Event-full Week

Things have been hopping lately!  In addition to  the projects we accomplished last week (see yesterday's post), plus the usual chores and CSA delivery and being open to the public on the weekend, we had a couple of very special events on the farm last week.

On Thursday evening, Teresa Konechne, a documentary filmmaker I met at the Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Morris, MN, last month, came to show preview clips of her  current project and discuss it with a group of film-buff audience members.
Teresa's company is called Working Hands Productions and she is filming a series of stories of peoples' relationships to the land. I loved the clips--hope we can show the final production here when it is complete.
I had worked really hard to clean the barn so we could screen the film inside, but it was such a perfect night, we decided to show it outside on the barn. Even though it wasn't very dark because days are so long now,  it worked out quite well and all of us were happy not to miss a lovely summer evening outside.
Saturday  night we hosted a festive bridal shower for the beloved goddaughter of friends. The evening started with appetizers and dancing and pink champagne on the patio.
Israel, Martial and
Cadence played son jarocho music.
We had planned to feast outside, but because the weather forecast was sketchy, we moved the dining into the house. That meant clearing out nearly all the furniture in order to set up the banquet tables in the living room. Judy (the bride's godmother) lit the candles.
Delicious food - including several traditional Mexican dishes, and a pretty garden salad festooned with pansies and pepitas.
After the guests left, and the dishes and tables and chairs were cleared away, we all collapsed happily in the empty living room.  Maybe we should just keep the room this way--it would make a nice yoga studio and we wouldn't have to haul all that furniture back in from the garage!

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