Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Turkeys and Squash

Ten baby broad-breasted bronze turkeys arrived today!  They are two days old - still have their egg tooth on their beaks. It is so hard to imagine they will be big enough to be Thanksgiving feasts in just four months! They grow up amazingly fast.
The weather is really hot and humid. We are in a heat warning until late tomorrow night.  Even though poults need to be kept warm,  I decided to keep them in the house for a couple days rather than the coop so I can better keep an eye on them.  They are corralled in a big translucent plastic tub in my office, sweetly peeping as I write this.
Zinnie is helping keep watch over them.
I was relieved that LaFonda doesn't look like she will be  calving imminently. I hope she goes through labor on a cooler day.  I filled up the wading pool in the shade of the front yard and both cows have enjoyed cooling their tootsies.
The tomatoes appreciate this sultry weather--these (Cherokee Purple, I think) are about the size of softballs now. We can't wait for them to start to ripen!
Finally, after doing nothing for months, the squashes are beginning to grow.  This is Buttercup,  a favorite winter squash.  Last year we had a very disappointing squash year, so really hoping for enough to store some through the winter this year!


katiegirl said...

Hooray for more poults! I miss raising them! Love the picture of Zinnia through the tote. And how cute is Lafonda in the pool?!

Joanna said...

I love seeing the cows in the wading pool!