Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Saturday Projects

It's an industrious Saturday.  After a morning of plumbing, Rog has been packing the insulating layer of clay mixed with sawdust onto the clay oven all afternoon.
Cadence and Israel are meticulously scraping, patching and painting the house - working intrepidly at the top of the scaffolding. We found two deer-stand harnesses at a garage sale yesterday, so at least they have some safety gear now.
It was a rainy and rather cool morning, so I got inspired to make a shortbread using this fun ceramic cookie mould I found recently at a thrift store.
Very delicious!
I have been cleaning the  farm store all afternoon,  including polishing the wood floor, but no photos to prove it.
This was taken last evening, but berry-picking is next on the To Do list.  The raspberries are coming on strong now and it is a great crop!

Now, back to work...  

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