Monday, July 22, 2013

These Little Farmers Went to Market

On Friday night, Rog fired up the new, bigger better clay oven to bake its first batch of breads.  We got a pretty late start because we were hosting a book club that evening, so Rog was baking by flashlight. However,  because this oven can  bake 19 loaves at once, we weren't up all night. like we would have been with the old oven that can only accommodate 6 loaves at a time.
The breads were delicious--white, whole wheat and rye sourdough. We haven't done the Farmers Market much this year because we simply have had too many farm projects going on, but we wanted to be there to  promote the launching of our KickStarter!
Our booth was next to Chris and Lisa's Fresh with Edge produce booth. Chris and Lisa are  operating their innovative Aquaponics system at Squash Blossom Farm this summer, using our silo pond to raise the fish that nourish the veggies grown in towers in our greenhouse.
They drew quite a crowd -  people  were curious and excited about their beautiful columns of live, growing greens!
I took a few minutes to  visit the other vendors - I am usually home Saturday mornings doing the chores and preparing to open the farm and store to the public, so I haven't been to the market in a long time. I purchased some beautiful carrots, of which we are between crops in our own garden.

One of my favorite vendors, Margot of Many Hands Farm, with her  beautiful bouquets.
Kari and  Jodeen of Wink's Herb 'n Garden selling their herbs and artisan pasta.  I bought some cilantro fettucine which we made with shrimp Saturday night for dinner - delicious!  If you watch our Kickstarter video, you will see Kari starring in a supporting role as she packs pasta.

Meanwhile, at our own booth, Rog was busy selling out of all the breads, tarts, scones, and all but two black-bottom cupcakes (which we were forced to eat ourselves, darn!)

We made a lot of happy connections with our bread-loving customers but our Kickstarter postcards promoting the Squash Blossom Farm Kitchen project  did not arrive in time to distribute at the market,  so we plan to be there again next week. (If you want raspberry tarts or  sourdough bread,  better arrive early!) 

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