Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lettuce Be Grateful

Tonight we made delicious BLTs starring the first lettuce from our garden - our very first garden produce. I can't wait until the BLTs also feature home-grown tomatoes!
Here are some of the lettuces in the garden. With rows of plants growing now, the garden is starting to look pretty. I promise to post a garden update soon.
Cadence has spent many hours hand-digging a trench along the fenceline where she intends to plant hills of the Three Sisters--corn with beans climbing up the stalks and squash winding underfoot, in the Native American tradition. Digging has been slow going in our heavy clay soil with dense pasture sod. Today we rented a rototiller ($30 for 2 hours) - a temperamental, unwieldy machine which Cadence cursed every step of the way, but we have to admit, it probably saved 8 hours of digging.
This evening Sara and Cadence drove to town to pick Rog up from work and get the groceries for our baking marathon for Saturday's Farmers Market. I stayed home to feed the cows and chickens and make dinner--but in the middle of my chores got a call that there had been an accident. While driving in Rochester rush hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the car ahead of ours stopped suddenly. Rog was barely able to stop in time, and the car behind was able to stop, but the next car plowed into everybody and created a 4-car pile-up. Our little Vibe was smashed front and back and appears to be totalled. This has been the perfect, hard-working little car for us and is my very favorite of all the cars we've ever had. Why couldn't it have happened to our battered old, ugly Contour instead? But, on the bright side, nobody in any of the cars in the pile-up was seriously hurt. We are very grateful for that.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad nobody was injured. I don't miss highway traffic that's for sure! The lettuce looks so delicious! Nice photos!

farmer said...

sophietwoyour picture of that tiller really brings back memories. another way you can save garden space is when you put your tomatoe plants is to circle each plant with lettuce seeds. that way you know when to water the tomatoes as the lettuce will be your watering guide. the lettuce getting a little wiltty then you water. i look forward to each blob.

nikina said...

I'm glad noone was hurt :) the lettuce looks great !!! i can't belove your harvesting already. I am still waiting for something to peak out of the ground ... nice pics :)

nikina said...

if you have a minute...go check my blog ... you got an award :)

mo'ikeha said...

As summer comes close, there will be again days when we are told to stay inside, due to too much pollution mainly due to the countless cars here in Athens,Greece.
Thanks to your blog I am at least able to breath fresh air through my eyes reading and seeing about your life.
BTW - you might like to click upon the picture on the left hand side of my blog.

J9 said...

I'm so glad that no one was hurt.

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