Monday, June 1, 2009

Something Fishy

My skyway mural is finished and I finally had a sunny day off work to take a few photos of it. The mural is part of Rochester's Art in the Sky project. Six artists painted murals in the downtown skyways. (A "skyway" is an enclosed walkway above the street - so wimpy people don't have to venture outside during Minnesota's freezing winter weather!) Tjis is the view from down below on the street.
My fish design was inspired by the morning walk I used to take along the Zumbro River in downtown Rochester before we moved to the farm. There are huge carp that live in the Zumbro and congregate by the little waterfall across from the Government Center in spring.
I have to admit, the carp don't really look very much like this (it's called artistic license.)

There is one brilliant golden fish among the ordinary drab carp - perhaps he was a pet goldfish that was released and grew to be wild and huge. You rarely catch a glimpse of him so every time I do see him I consider it a lucky omen.
I think what I like best about how the mural turned out is the shadow design it creates on the floor.


Anonymous said...

I love your mural, and you're right, the shadows on the floor are truly magical!
Plant Lady

Marie said...

Cool -- which one is yours, the grand plan is to spend time at mayo with an elder sometime in late june....would love to find it and check it out....lots of time between mayo appts . ..


Cheri said...

Love the mural!
The shadows are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh I love the shadow design on he floor. That would have went great with the photo club I belong to. Our theme for May was reflection. Come to think of it, you might be a part of it.
:D If not you should join. You always take beautiful pictures.

J9 said...

I love the mural! I work downtown and have been admiring all the beautiful art.