Friday, June 12, 2009

Sara's Pink and Purple Scheme

Sara has been trying to persuade us for some time to get a couple of pigs. She would buy them. She would build them a shelter. She would take care of them. In the fall we would butcher them for meat and have delicious bacon. Finally she wore us down and we said ok, but I told her I hoped they would not be pink, a pig color I have always thought was kind of creepy.

She decided to turn the shed in the woods west of our house into a little pig house. It was originally built for raising pheasants but hasn't been used for many years and was in pretty sad shape. Sara and Cadence shored up the roof - which still needs tarpaper and shingles - and patched the saggy floor and cut an opening to a fenced area so the pigs can go in and out at will.
Sara found a farmer in Arcadia, WI, who raises organic pastured pigs and arranged to get two piglets when he delivered some to St. Charles. Yesterday was the day to pick them up. When the pigs arrived at the farm in the dog crate in the back of the pickup they looked pretty scared.
But they seem to be settling into their new home fairly well. They are females, a cross of Hampshire, Duroc and something else. I have to admit, they are kind of cute even though they are pink. Sara named them "Pink" and "Purple" but I don't know which is which yet.

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ha ha ha...cute :)