Monday, June 8, 2009

Goofy Farm Animals

Reuben's horns are growing in and I have been trying for days to get a photo of him showing his horn buds, but it's impossible. This is the kind of shot I get when I go in for a close-up.
The geese are getting huge, but are such sweet babies. I don't think we will have to worry about them becoming mean geese that chase people. Well, they might chase people, but only in an effort to get into their laps.

The ducks have discovered the joy of water. Or maybe this is just the one place they can get away from the exotic- chick-who-thinks-he-is-a-duck. They don't mind if the water is dirty--if it is clean, it won't be for long with them hopping in and out.
Lariat, our Dexter cow, has become an escape artist. We discovered that she got out a few nights ago and was walking on the gravel road--at great risk to herself and vehicles, since she is dark brown and almost invisible. The next day she got out again and was enjoying the woodlands outside the fence and the prairie next door. Sara's halter training came in handy leading her back into the pasture. Then Cadence and I built a new section of fence where we suspected she was escaping. So far it has worked.
Note the amazing growth of the prairie --this is the land that was burned a few weeks ago.
Chagall, the rooster patriarch of my laying flock, demonstrated the Hokey Pokey dance to the hens.


nikina said...

ha ha ha ... so adorable !!!

islandgardener said...

What a great post -- I have geese, too (one Chinese and one African). Yours seem to be I right??

Susan said...

Yes, they are Toulouse. You are so goose-savvy! I really wanted African geese and my daughter wanted American Buff, , but these goslings were available from a farm down the road. We have grown very fond of them, despite the mess they make on the patio.