Monday, June 1, 2009

Buff Chicks

It is difficult to believe that next fall these twelve tiny chicks will be my new egg layers! They are Buff Orpington female chicks that I picked up on Friday at the Pine Island Feed store and that I chose because they are supposed to be very gentle, sweet, big hens who are great layers of brown eggs.
The chicken grower drives them up from Iowa so they don't have to go through the stress of being mailed. When I picked them up they were in a little box like a Happy Meal. As I carried the box out to the car, Cadence asked, "Want fries with that chicken?"
The chicks are currently living in my office in a small plastic swimming pool. Tomorrow I have to figure out a more secure home--they could jump out if they tried. So far, the dogs and cats seem to respect the chickens, ducks and geese as animals that are important to the people and that must not be bothered. So don't worry, Shamu (the cat in the corner) is just curious about the commotion in my office.


Anonymous said...

Awww chickies! Haha I was wondering about the cat in the picture. Shamu? too cute.

JC said...

Awh ... Cute !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy Shamu is being VERY GOOD. Ha ha, great photos!

nikina said...

they are adorable...hopefully they all grow up to be healthy, pretty chickies :)