Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday Market

Early Saturday morning as we loaded for Farmers Market it was misty and magical. The fog soon burned off into a perfect, sunny market day.
I helped Rog and Cadence set up the market stand and then rushed home to clean the house for impending company.
Rog found a nice table-top display case for sale at an antique store and we replaced the glass with plex. It is sort of a pain to transport but is working well to showcase the breads and Sara's pies.
This week we had wood-fired sourdough (white, wholewheat and rye), braided cardamom bread, German walnut beer bread, Cadence's luscious lemon lion sandwich cookies, Sara's rhubarb and rhubarb-rasberry lattice pies, and three varieties of cupcakes (orange-almond, carrot-walnut, and red velvet with berries.) We sold out before the morning ended--we need another oven!

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