Monday, June 8, 2009

Veggie Tales

We have just had three steady days of lovely, soaking rain. The thirsty garden is quenched--when the sun comes out everything should really take off.

Our potatoes were planted lasagna-gardening style: the seed potato pieces scattered on wet newspaper and covered with 8 inches of mulch. Onion sets were tucked into the mulch. They have all found their way through and look great.
Sara's peas are climbing up a crazy trellis of her own devising.
My ornamental gourds appear to be dancing next to the chainlink fence.

Cadence's heritage corn is also planted along the fence. She was very upset to discover that her free-range chickens had dined on the tips of her Oaxacan Green Corn plants this morning.
Sara's beautiful exotic melons have sprouted. She is growing Charantais, Moon and Stars Watermelon, and Noir des Carmes.

I planted a couple of artichoke seedlings I found for sale at Sargents. I didn't know you could grow them in Minnesota but I figure if they do grow I'll probably be the only vendor at the Rochester Farmer's Market selling local artichokes.
76 tomatoes survived the greenhouse disaster and are looking pretty healthy after Cadence rescued them and stuck them in the garden. I have to figure out how I am going to trellis these guys.

We are enjoying the darling radishes and tender lettuces from out garden every day!


nikina said...

wow your veggies look great. my potatoes are still hiding and the vegies are still safe and warm in pots...u guys are sooo much ahead ...hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit through your veggie patch! That radish looks so juicy!

Liz said...

Hi Sue, I saw a suggestion for tomato "cages" in a home depot or Lowe's newsletter that I will see if I still have and can forward to you, as an alternative to trellises.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I had a house that had a yard so I could plant veggies. I do want to start a little herb garden on my balcony though. Have yet to start it yet though. I need some more boxes to plant in.