Friday, June 12, 2009

Breakfast Time

We are getting breakfast on the farm down to a pretty smooth routine. First we open the chicken coop door and Chagall the rooster leads the the laying hens outside to forage.
As soon as Cadence's free-range roosters see a person they come running and flock around excitedly expecting breakfast. Cadence spreads the food in a long line on the ground so everybody gets his fair share.
The geese and the ducks wash their breakfast down with ample swigs of water.
Lariat takes care of feeding Lasso. Yesterday during breakfast the road grader went by on our gravel road and then they spread magnesium chloride in front of our stretch to reduce dust. What an incredible difference that makes!
Reuben still gets a bucket of millk morning and evening.
Is that all there is?
The pigs get fresh water in their kiddie pool (liddie pools are such an invaluable farm tool!) I brought the pigs grapes this morning, which went a long way in building friendship and trust. They even let me scratch them behind the ears. Their snouts are muddy from rooting around in the understory.
Next to the chicken coop a mock orange bush is blooming, perfuming the entire farm with an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance. Many of my honey bees were gathering nectar from this plant this morning.
We also feed the ducks, cats and dogs, of course, but they missed the photo call. Finally the farmers get to eat--eggs today, courtesy of our hens!


Kim and Victoria said...

I can't believe that line of chickens! Oh my! We have three 10 day old chicks. Can't wait until they start laying.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Susan! I know I'm a broken records, but I just LOVE your blog...can't get enough of seeing the farm life! Reuben's face is just so sweet.

Anonymous said...

another great post of course. I love learning more and more things about your farm. The pigs are so cute, even with their muddy snouts.