Friday, June 12, 2009

Major Purchases

It's been an extravagant week at Squash Blossom Farm, but we are very excited about our new gear. First, we got a new (used) Vibe to replace our car that was totalled last week. This one has only 82,000 miles on it...and a sunroof. Fancy! Even better, we also splurged on a farm pickup so we don't have to haul livestock, hay, lumber, etc. in the Vibe. It doesn't look as much like an old beater pickup as we intended--it's rather sporty--but it has quite a bit of rust and 180,000 miles on it so it is probably doomed to look like an old beater in the not-too-distant future. We have already put it to very good use hauling a load of bricks, a load of pigs, and a load of commercial kitchen equipment! (On the down side, I was stopped by a police officer because the windows are tinted too dark. Who knew? Next week the dealer will remove the tinting.)
Last night we got a very good deal on a deep freeze, commercial cooler and 3-compartment commercial sink! They came from a BP convenience station that had closed. We installed them in the shop in the barn, which we envision someday being transformed into a commercial kitchen.
Rog already has his sourdough for tomorrow's Farmer's Market proofing in the cooler (you can see why it has caused a strain on space in our household refrigerator.) It won't be long before that new freezer is full of chickens!

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katiegirl said...

That's great you got the cooler and freezer! That will definitely come in handy!