Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seesters Invasion

My Seesters, three dear friends since high school (Rog was also an honorary Seester), have just departed for home after spending the weekend at Squash Blossom Farm. They descended Saturday afternoon, promising to help with our farm projects, and, true to their word, they worked pretty darn hard. But any time the Seesters are together is filled with hilarity and fun. Here are Patty, Debbie, Gayle and I having coffee on the patio about to dive into one of Sara's amazing rhubarb pies.
The Seesters helped install a large picture window in Cadence's granary. Patty and Rog, the seesters with the strongest muscles, are on the outside holding the window up.
We built a bonfire and burned a significant portion of the brush from the huge felled silver maple. Gayle inspired us to make hobo dinners in the fire, girl-scout style, and Rog serenaded us with his guitar late into the night.
Yesterday we went shopping - at thrift stores, antique stores, artisan shops, bookstores, and shoe stores - and had lunch on the Peace Plaza. We did our part to stimulate the economy, each purchasing a pair of stylish new sandals--which we are modeling here.


Marie said...

looks like you all had way too much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! It's so nice to see you all together, great friends! Love the "shoe shot"!!!