Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exotic Fruit Fly Trap

I spied this fabulous pitcher plant at the Farmers Market Saturday. It is a carnivorous plant that attracts insects into its amazing hanging vessels; the insects are then digested by the plant. It was priced way beyond my budget and I am not the most reliable house-plant gardener, but when the vendor told me it is low-maintenance AND it attracts, traps and consumes fruit flies I was persuaded. With all our tomato processing, garden melons, jam-making and kitchen compost container, fruit flies have been a constant battle. I am hoping this plant will be a more effective fruit fly trap than the device I made from a soda bottle.
We hung the pitcher plant in the window corner of our kitchen -above the fruit bowl - and I made sure there was a half inch of water in each of the pitchers, as directed. An hour later I peered inside one of the pitchers and sure enough, there were already a few doomed fruit flies inside!


ratnaveera said...

I have already heared about this carniveros plant which kills insects. I think this would be economical and easy way to fight against insects in our farm.

Cinj said...

I need to get one of those. We have SO many fruit flies here it's not even funny. Glad I found your blog through the blotanical nominations and congratulations!