Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trophy Vegetables

How do you like the size of our veggies!?

Actually they are wacky plastic yard ornaments(?)I came across at a garage sale today and couldn't resist. I thought they would be appropriate to grace our farm stand, if we ever have a farm stand. Or just tuck into our garden to make passers-by do a double-take.

I set the veggies out in the yard and the goose-duck-Chuck Dickens flock raced over to investigate. They had quite a lengthy conference over them.


katiegirl said...

I love those huge veggies!! Where did you get them? I probably won't be able to find them all the way over in MD.

And you're spot on about the fowl conference! Geese are so funny that way!

Becky said...

I LOVE those veggies!! I'm with my sister (katiegirl)... Is there a label on the bottom of them telling you who made them?

Susan said...

I asked the woman at the garage sale and she said she got them at Midwest of Cannon Falls. I don't know how long ago--they look like they have seen at least one year outside. I searched online but their website just shows xmas ornaments. There is a Midwest outlet store in Cannon Falls, MN, where I suspect they were purchased and perhaps they still have some. Here are some links with phone numbers:

Good luck!

Becky said...

Darn, the company hasn't offered them in over 5 years. Oh well, it was worth a shot :)