Monday, September 14, 2009

Maybe it's our own darn fault she left; we moved to a farm. This past summer on the farm has convinced our younger daughter Cadence that she really does want to be a farmer. Today, she arrived in Venezuela, where she will be attending the Simon' Bolivar United World College to study sustainable agriculture. Besides being a school, it is a working farm that students operate while they learn about everything from planting crops to raising cattle to keeping bees to making cheese to repairing tractors.

We are all going to miss Cadence so much! (Eyes tear up.) She moved home last winter, excited to help us launch our little dream farm, and with her enthusiasm and hard work we have accomplished far more than I ever imagined we could in one year. Rog and I thought we would go slow with this farm and dabble with a garden and a few laying hens...but no! Cadence is pretty much responsible for us raising 200 meat chickens, 9 turkeys, three cows, and of course her three beloved geese. She taught herself and us how to slaughter the chickens. She is an awesome baker and created beautiful and tasty breads and pastries for the Farmers Market each week. She eagerly tackled ambitious projects like turning the granary into a cabin. And she kept us smiling with her good humor.

Cadence, have a wonderful year in Venezuela!


dogimo said...

Such a beautiful picture - thoughtful expressions on both subjects!

On second thought, the duck looks like he's more kind of humoring her. Like a cat.

Becky said...

Wow, what an adventure. Sounds like a wonderful school. I'm sure she'll be missed at your farm.

katiegirl said...

Good luck to Cadence! That will be such a great experience! I know she'll be missed. Hopefully we can get updates on what she's up to down there!

Kristin said...

Wow, what an adventure! Good luck to Cadence, I miss you all!

javier suarez said...

hola que van a extranar muchisimo a cadence..porque es una mujer impresionante mente extranable
pero yo estoy muy feliz de tenerla mas vez en cuando ire a venezuela a visitarla..un abrazo

Lucy said...

Cadence, Cadence! Suerte! I trust that you will have the best time ever down there, are they ready for you?!
I would have loved to see you at the farm, or in south america, or at least I dream to cross paths with you soon--
cheerio amiga!