Friday, September 4, 2009

Tomato Time

The tomatoes are finally ripening despite ongoing cool weather. They seem to be taking their time. That may be a plus-- they are coming in at a rate we can easily handle now. We have picked a few of the delicious big heritage tomatoes, Brandywine, Purple Cherokee and Gold Medal but many more are still very green. These two weighed in at just shy of 2 lb. and 2 lb. 2 oz --even larger ones are still on the vine.
I am gearing up to try my first canning, but first I decided to try Rog's Mom's favorite tomato preservation technique. She slices the tomatoes in half and sets them face down on a baking sheet, then roasts them just until they collapse in on themselves.

After roasting, I cooled the tomatoes, froze to solidity in plastic containers, then removed from the containers and vacuum packed in freezer bags. After roasting this first batch on Tuesday I invested in some baking sheets with edges--there was a lot of tomato juice that made quite a mess on the floor of the oven.
Some tomatoes were so picture-perfect I could not bear to roast them. Perhaps they will go to the Farmers Market.


farmer said...

sounds like an easier way to do my tomatoes rather than canning. what temperature do you set the oven?

Susan said...

I think I set it at 375 F because I wasn't sure whether to set it for 350 or 400.