Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Barn With A View

Before we even moved into this farm we bought three large double-pane windows we found on Craigslist, thinking they would be useful someday for a greenhouse.

Today Rog got all ambitious and installed them in the south wall of the barn. We have been mulling over the idea of someday transforming that corner of the barn into a greenhouse, but for now the wall of glass will provide some nice solar gain and natural light.
Sara and Cadence provided muscle power.
As soon as the windows were in, the cows gathered around to check out the improvements (they usually don't seem to like change.) Lariat was intrigued by her reflection in the window, staring for a long time and mooing at it.
Reuben and Lasso watched as Rog cleaned the inside of the windows and then smudged their wet noses against the outside he had just cleaned.

I am so amazed by Rog's handyman talents! The new windows are magical. I dragged an old overstuffed chair next to the windows - I envision it will be a good spot to settle in this winter with a mug of hot tea(probably in my warm jacket and boots), soak up a little sunshine and watch the cows in the snowy pasture.


katiegirl said...

Neat! The light those windows let it will be so nice!

Great work Rog!

farmer said...

what a great idea. you have some great ideas for the farm. they sure would have been nice when we were there.

Becky said...

Fantastic idea! The extra light will be great this winter. It looks great.