Friday, October 16, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

We have scarcely seen any sun for a month. It was so heartening see the promise of sunshine burning through the fog this morning.
The cows were out greeting the morning, but frisked over for breakfast when they noticed me.
Dew hung on the electric fence wire.
Red maple leaves scattered on the groud were still outlined with frost.

The geese gave a sun salutation.
Perhaps the sunshine brought out the feistiness of the turkeys. I have never seen this before: Three toms engaged in a neck-wrestling contest! The object seemed to be the same as in thumb-wrestling: to wrap around and push the opponent down. It may have been all in good fun, but the mom in me thought, "it's fun until somebody gets hurt," and I distracted them with more breakfast. One thing about turkeys, they have very short attention spans.

We are supposed to have a pleasant fall weekend--a good thing because we have SO MUCH to do:
1. Clean up the garden; add layers of newspaper, manure, leaves, compost
2. Transplant raspberry and rhubarb bushes
3. Fall beehive maintenance(should have been done weeks ago but it was snowing!)
4. Aerate yard
5. Get loads of hay and straw
6. Clean chicken coop -expand coop area?
7. Fix Pig fencer
8. Clean, fill, hang birdfeeders
9. Organize barn and garage (haul load of construction scraps to demo landfill)
10. Install woodstove in granary & finish walls & insulation
...just to list a few tasks awaiting us...

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