Monday, October 12, 2009

Buckthorn & Bonfires

Chilly fall weekends are perfect for...bonfires! Rog and I warmed up over the cold weekend by gathering up all the piles of buckthorn that we have weed-wrenched since last spring and setting them ablaze.
On Saturday, our industrious weekend couch-surfer, A., helped weed-wrench the grove of buckthorn that surrounded an amazing, huge rock at the edge of the woods.(Thanks, A!) Rog cut down the biggest specimens with the chainsaw.

Yesterday, Rog and I dismantled a huge pile of brush and demolition debris that came on our property and burned the burnable stuff - we got about 2/3 of the way through the pile. Now we have an unobstructed view of this impressive boulder, a glacial erratic rock that came down from the Canadian Shield According to our geologist friend Katherine, our erratic boulders are from a long ago (>300,000 years, perhaps as much as a million years ago) glaciation that came to the region from the northwest. [The latest glaciation, the Wisconsin Lobe -a mere 10,000 years ago - did not make it this far south and west in SE Minnesota.] It is a pretty magical rock --and now will provide a great vantage point for watching sunsets.

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