Monday, October 26, 2009

Tom Foolery

We were overjoyed Saturday morning to have brilliant sunshine melting Friday's snow. It was a warm enough weekend that we were able to accomplish a significant portion of our Autumn To-Do List.
First on the list was cutting up that big limb that blocked our driveway.
We cleaned out the west end of the barn for a big load of hay to feed the cows this winter. (A friend happened by at precisely the right time to help unload the hay--thanks Phil!) We cleared out miscellaneous construction materials from the north side of the barn in order to protect a load of straw and corn and create a winter shelter for poultry. A couple of turkeys were mesmerized by their reflections in some old windows leaning against a tree.
The turkeys are getting a bit feisty now. We were surprised to discover the females seem to spat more than the males. Here are two females in the act of neck-wrestling. Sometimes one will get overly vicious and the other hen will tuck her head under a male turkey's wing for protection.
This tom is at the top of our flock's pecking order --he can turn his head SO vividly blue and red, and irresistably attractive. The turkeys would probably be mortified for us to tell you this, but on occasion have seen a tom accidently bite his own snood when gobbling. They also sometimes trip on their own wing-tips when they are struttng their stuff.
The toms look huge when they fluff and puff themselves up. Male bronze-breasted turkeys can reach up to 40 pounds with a 6-foot wingspan --we think ours are about 30 pounds now.


katiegirl said...

The turkeys admiring themselves is funny. The other day we saw our guineas looking at themselves in the shiny metal bumper.

Marie said...

He is a handsome Tom ... we had wild turkeys fighting in the yard last Easter --- they stayed at it for 2 hours and the weakest one didn't survive -- it was fascinating and horrifying at the same time.