Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little Taste of What's To Come

On Friday we were forecast to get a few snow flurries, but I don't think anybody anticipated the 4 inches of heavy, wet snow we actually got. Yes, it was pretty, but at the same time a bit dismaying, since we have only had a few nice fall days so far this year.
Most of the trees haven't dropped their leaves yet, and the combined weight of the leaves and all that snow was too much for many of them. A large limb broke off a huge silver maple by the barn, totally blocking our driveway. Sara was out feeding her pigs and heard the crack and the crash.
If you didn't notice them in the previous photo, the turkeys were enjoying shelter from the snow in the fallen foliage. They were funny--cocking their heads and looking up to the sky as if trying to figure out where this cold white stuff was coming from.
Snow falling on the chicken coop, hens cozily inside.
Snow sifted upon the open barn door.
I walked out to the woods for a few wintery photos, followed by the turkeys.
The big rock in the snow. I could hear branches snapping and falling throughout the woods and decided it might not be the safest place for a photo session just then.
At first the pigs weren't sure they wanted to climb out of their nice dry pile of straw inside the pig shed, but they came out to check out the snow.
They followed me as I walked the perimeter of their fenced yard knocking the snow off the wires. Snow had weighted the electric wires down to the ground and the pigs could have easily walked over them and out if they wanted to.
Lasso, the Dexter steer calf, hung out inside the loafing shed rather than get all wet in the snow.
By late Saturday afternoon the snow ended and was already beginning to melt. The first chore on our weekend To Do List was to cut up and remove this bough Saturday morning. Happily, by Saturday afternoon the snow was gone.


Becky said...

Wow!!! That's a lot of snow!! It is so beautiful but I know it makes life on a farm much more difficult.

katiegirl said...

Beautiful pictures! That first one is just gorgeous.

Liz said...

I'm sure it's cold, but it sure is idyllic: the red barn in the snow, beautiful! i love the pigs in the snow :)

gz said...

Brings it home that we shouldn't be complaining about our warm damp (and mildewy) weather here in Wales. At least we are getting an extra week to clear and tidy in the garden.
Looking forward to having some good bug and slug killing weather!!