Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Double Feature

Riverway: one school's approach to real, wholesome food from Sara Nelson on Vimeo.
Our daughter Sara has posted her first documentary film on the web, about a nearby K-12 charter school that has committed to using local foods and food grown by the students themselves in its cafeteria. I love that she has combined her passions for good, healthy food, sustainable farming, alternative education, and film-making in one fell swoop. This film was made using our crummy old family video camera and edited in i-movie -- now that she has a professional camera and editing software, watch for her at the Cannes Film Festival!

Our amazing gardener friend Tom has also posted a new video in which he demonstrates how to prune and train grape vines. He may have missed his calling as a movie star-- he looks a lot like Michael Landon!

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Michael J. Sandberg said...

I loved the school documentary.