Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wild Turkeys

The past week we have been watching a wild turkey hen and her babies foraging at the edge of our yard each morning and evening when we go out to milk the cow.
Last night I had moved the cows to the   west pasture next to the woods, and when I filled their water tub I accidentally startled the turkeys. The  hen flew up into the top of a tall tree.  She was so big, it was  hard to believe she could fly through the dense branches and  make it up so high.
I was wondering  what the four  poults would do.  The mother called to them encouragingly, and they peeped back at her. After a few moments, they  all took off and erratically flew up to her. I am pretty sure I was witnessing their maiden flight.
The hen flew from tree to tree, each time calling the chicks to follow her, which they did. I haven't seen them since their flying lesson - I hope they return.


Marie said...

they'll be back -- our Mama's come in and visit the bird bath for water several times a day and eventually will bring the kids!

katiegirl said...

Wow, those chicks look awfully young to be able to fly so well! That's great!