Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tame Turkeys

This morning Cadence let her turkeys out loose  in the yard for the first time.  There are 9 of the little darlings  (a little runty one did not make it) and they are a month old.
As soon as they see a person they all come running and follow.
They joined us on the patio this morning while we drank our coffee--something we won't encourage when they get a bit bigger. (Soon they won't be able to squeeze under the fence.)
Then they assisted Cadence while she weeded her garden, snapping up insects and spiders.  Occasionally one gets separated d from the group and  peeps frantically. Keeping track of the  turkeys reminds Cadence of her babysitting days.

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katiegirl said...

I LOVE turkeys! I have 13 this year, and they're doing well so far. It's cute that Cadence's follow her. ;-)