Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Fowl News

The turkeys are  almost  the size of footballs now- actually, pretty close to the size and shape of Nerf footballs.  They fan out and patrol the lawn for bugs as if they are on a search and rescue mission looking for clues.  They are endearingly and sometimes annoyingly social, running to catch up to you and follow you even when you don't even really want them nearby, such as when you are moving the  cows to a new pasture. They don't seem to have any sense of the  hazards of being trampled by cows or run over by cars or stepped on by farmers.
The week-old chick with two mothers was led outside for the first time today.  The two hens had been nest-sharing, sitting on about a dozen eggs that still hadn't hatched and seemed pretty  hopeless.
This morning, Phyllis Diller, one of my Polish hens, was sitting on their nest. I  don't know if they talked her into it or she just decided to give it a try when they gave up.
We discovered yet another secret egg-laying site when we pulled out a bale of hay this morning. No wonder our daily egg production has gone down!
One more chicken shot--this is one of the two little banty chickens I  impulse-purchased at the feed store a couple months ago because they were such pretty silvery gray chicks. I still think they are very attractive--the other one has a yellow comb. My guess is that they are lavendar d'uccles. Love their feather feet!

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