Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Reunion

Last weekend Rog's mom visited from Oregon and his two brothers arrived with their families from San Francisco and Washington, D.C., for a family reunion on the farm. It's the first time we have ALL  been together in 10 years!
We took the weekend off from vending at the Farmers Market, but we couldn't resist going to the market anyway,  as customers.
We mostly hung out at Squash Blossom Farm and did ordinary farm things -  almost everyone tried milking the cow, Jerry and Meredith pulled out buckthorn, Zach gave the riding lawnmower a workout, Annie befriended the turkeys.  Swung on the tire swing,  played horseshoes, picked berries, fed the chickens, walked and biked the trails. We took the Willys out for a spin on the gravel roads.

Rog and Chris set up the volley ball net
and we played badminton and volleyball with finesse.
Rog grilled our last turkey for a Fathers Day feast.  We made  4 kinds of ice cream from our own milk (strawberry,  nectarine, rhubarb, and vanilla choclate chip.)
Stories were told, laughs were laughed, wine was consumed.  Hard to believe our daughters and nieces are already grown up (plenty old enough to  drink wine with dinner!)
The cousins retreated to Cadence's granary to make the dads  funny Fathers Day t-shirts.
The Nelson brothers in their Fathers Day shirts with Mom/Grandma.

What a fun weekend!  I hope it doesn't take 10 years for everyone to return.


katiegirl said...

Looks like you all had a blast!! The nectarine ice cream sounds wonderful!

Laurian said...

Sue, What a great summary of a wonderful weekend! I hope we can do it again some year. Laurian

Mary said...

Ok, your truck wins!! Why, because it's a classic and still going. I wish i could put the pictures on that everyone people have sent or get pictures of the trucks people have told me about. Anyways, you are the exact reason I started my blog. I want to promote the Dexter breed. We have a small herd, and growing, and I wanted to get out there exactly what you said about your cow. Did she calve yet? Send me pics please. Are you in the PDCA? She is a beautiful red. Popular color among us Dexter