Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue Sky and Sunshine!

We have a beautiful, clear blue sky today!
Although it was dismaying to get dumped on by so much snow the past few days when we were finally down to bare ground in some spots, the fresh,  clean blanket of snow is undeniably beautiful.
The Adirondack chairs look cushiony and inviting...if you are wearing a snowsuit.
The clay bread oven could be mistaken for an igloo.
Birds are everywhere, singing cheerily...sounds like an optimistic sign that spring will be coming one of these days.


Vester said...

Wow, the snow is so beautiful. Here in La we're having temperatures in the 70"s. I build a very comfortable Adirondack chair. Can't imagine them covered in snow!! You can see them at http://www.adirondackfurniturenow.com

fall soft on a thought said...

what lovely lovely photos. nice blog too!