Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Snowstorm

We are in the midst of a  February snowstorm, with  about a foot of snow predicted by tomorrow. It has been a blustery day, and I haven't accomplished much all day other than chores, some cooking, a nap and intermittent photos of the storm, which I will now subject you to.
When I went out to do the morning chores, the snow was just beginning, with deep rumbly thunder. A thunder-snow-storm is always kind of magical.
Brown cows are so cute as they get dusted by  snow.  Reminds me of gingerbread.
The landscape of Lariat's snowy, fuzzy back.
And her snowy head.  She doesn't much like the camera looking at her up close. When the whites of her eyes show, you know she is stressing.
By the time I finished morning chores, snow was already piling up on the patio and steps. Aargh.  All last week I chiseled away at the remaining two feet of snow on the patio, snow and was able to see the patio bricks, enabling me to dream of a leisurely brunch on the patio one of these days.  What a setback.
The patio gate, leading into the snowy expanse.
Inside, the cats know how to enjoy a storm. We followed their example and took a little nap this afternoon.
In anticipation of the snowstorm, I had refilled all the bird-feeders last night.  The bird-feeders were like Grand Central Station,  with  cardinals, assorted woodpeckers, nuthatches, various finches, bluejays, chickadees  and juncos flitting from feeder to feeder constantly.  It would have been fun to have time-lapse photography of the level of seed going down throughout the day.
After our nap, it was time for evening chores. LaFonda was already patiently (or more likely impatiently) waiting for supper.
Snow and sleet and hail(!) was coming in bursts, and the brisk wind had shifted, now coming from the southeast instead of the northwest.  The best thing about the strong wind is that it is keeping the solar panels clear of snow. They'll be able to leap into action as soon as the sun comes out.
Beyond the granary arbor in the garden, the scrawny scarecrow danced in the blizzard.
This morning Rog  had a gig playing music at the Unitarian Church. I was worried about him getting home safely on the crummy roads, but happily, he didn't get stuck until reaching our driveway.  It may have been premature, because we are expected to get another 6 inches of blowing snow throughout the night, but he blew out  the driveway (and the car) this afternoon.
Then he blew out some nice paths to the chicken coop
and the barn and loafing shed.
My hero.


bringdal said...

The snow has been CRAZY here in St. Peter--we had a fun adventure walking to church this morning! I'm glad we got to see the farm when it was pleasant to walk around! We spent all day day-dreaming about the summer and not going outside...

gz said...

At least there will be less to clear away next time!
Love the gingerbread cow...ideas for Farmers' Mart?

The panels are looking good- remember its light they need, not just sunshine!

Mama Pea said...

Up here where we are March can be our snowiest month! I think you did the best possible thing by enjoying it as you did yesterday!

Annnightflyer said...

Oh these pictures remind me me so much of home,which we are going that way soon!can't wait.I miss snow so much.You take some beautiful pictures and please take more(I can feel myself cooling off already).