Saturday, February 26, 2011


Another snowy day.  Everybody is SO ready for the snow to be  over, but at least this morning's snowfall was those big, fluffy, flakes you can't  resist trying to catch on your tongue.
I refilled all the birdfeeders. The birdfeeders get so much business when ever it snows.
Based on my photos, you probably think the cows seem to do nothing but eat, and you'd be right.  I know they have to eat extra to keep warm in cold weather, but at the same time, I have been warned to not let them get too fat  before they have their calves. Lariat is due at the end of March, and her belly is getting pretty rotund. With her shaggy winter coat and sturdy shape, she makes me think of a miniature bison.
LaFonda's calf is due at the end of April, but in this shot you can see how big her belly is getting.  In two more months she will be huge!  Right after I took this picture she went frisking and kicking up her heels a little out into the snow - I bet she won't be doing that  in another month.
The cows hang out pretty close to the loafing shed when it snows.  They don't seem to like blazing new paths through the deep snow, so they rarely stray from their few well-trodden cow paths between the  feeder, the water tank, the gate and the shed.
Meanwhile inside the house, Rog sketched out a couple more garden plan ideas.
Orange and Weasel collaborated on giving Oranges's foot a bath.
More beautiful frost designs today on the one window where the insulating plastic was not stretched taut enough and got  stuck to the glass.
A different frost painting every day!


Sandra Sarlinga said...

Hi Susan! Here in North Carolina we are enjoying springlike weather and I hope you will soon do the same. Anyway snow is so pretty...

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see pictures of calves in the coming months. :) The picture of Orange and Weasel made me laugh! :)
I'm sending you warm thoughts from the South.

Mama Pea said...

You take lovely pictures. We're getting snow again today (Sunday) along with quite a bit of wind. I think we'll have to go out to shovel later this afternoon even though the wind is doing a pretty good job of tossing it all around.

katiegirl said...

Love the pic and caption of Orange and Weasel! :-)