Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Squash Soup Supper

Nothing tastes better on a blustery winter night than a bowl of squash soup with homemade sourdough bread and stravecchio cheese!

I  tried to duplicate daughter Sara's fabulous squash soup, starting with  homemade chicken stock (from the chicken we roasted for dinner on Sunday. That chicken also went into 6 potpies, four frozen for a future comfort meal.)

The squash was  roasted whole in the oven, but it can alternatively be cut up and cooked in the broth.  We have about a dozen beautiful butternut squashes from our garden yet - they have stored perfectly in the basement and are scrumptiously sweet.

Other ingredients are:  two carrots, one yellow onion, a shallot, a large orange, one large yellow potato, fresh grated ginger. After everything had been well-simmered, it went into the blender. A drizzle of cream was stirred, and it was seasoned with salt and ground pepper.  Garnished with fresh cilantro and finely chopped roasted almonds.  Mmm.
Summer in a bowl.


Rod R. said...

Have you ever heard of a squash called Sweet Dumpling? We got some through our local organic buying club. By far the best and sweetest squash I've ever had. I'm going to try it though squash is sort of hard to grow here. do you think this would be a hybrid whereas the seeds woudn't necessarily produce the same plant? I don't know. I better google.

Susan said...

Yes, we tried sweet dumplings from the Farmers Market last year- delicious! I don't know whether they are heirlooms or hybrids. We usually grow and totally love delicata, very similar but a bit larger.