Sunday, February 20, 2011

Salad Days

When I delivered the sprouts order to the the co-op this week, the produce manager was bundling up a box of collards for  sale and had culled a  pile of leaves that I knew would make my critters blissful. He kindly gave me the reject leaves for my animals.

The duck is always the most overjoyed to get fresh greens in winter.  She is a bit greedy and protective, chasing away any  chickens  that try to nab a leaf.
Both cows also LOVE winter greens.
The chickens are not so interested in collards, but  are very happy when I  give them the excess sprouts.  I always try to grow more  sprouts than I have orders, for good measure. Most weeks  I end up with more sprouts than than Rog and I can use, so the chickens, usually get a weekly sprout feast.
Yesterday, I cleaned out the refrigerator and decided the last of our beautiful  burgundy, gold and chioggia garden beets were getting a bit too soft to be appealing to me (why do they call it a "crisper" drawer, anyway?)  I chopped the beets into bite-sized pieces and LaFonda found them very appealing indeed.  Lariat is always hesitant to try new things, so LaFonda was happy to devour all of them before Lariat realized how tasty they are. 


Michaele said...

Oh what a delight! I used to dumpster dive behind the grocery stores for chicken treats. They really do appreciate the surprises.

Toodie said...

They all look so happy. Pretty duck!

Mama Pea said...

The fresh greens, sprouts and veggies must taste like candy to the animals this time of year.