Friday, March 18, 2011

Music To Our Ears

It has been a lovely  melting day, with the slight downside of extreme muddiness.  Cadence and I just  returned from an evening walk around the big loop.  As we approached home, the moon was rising and we were enveloped in a chorus of red-winged blackbird song--my favorite spring sound.  To top it all off, their music was punctuated by the chirrup of robins! Spring is almost here.  Life is good.

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Sandra Sarlinga said...

Hi Susan! Robins are the best sign ever that spring is almost here. In North Carolina today beautiful spring day, flowers in the frontyards, in the trees, everywhere! We are back to the farmers market in Chapel Hill, if Sarah is still there tell her to stop by "The Farm Fairy" next Saturday, for a homemade pastry, tell her that it will be on us!!!