Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow with a Chance of Spring Color

Mother nature is toying with us --giving us  a thunder-hailstorm on the first day of spring, followed by incredible winds.
Cadence has been home for two weeks (whenever I tried to take her photo she made goofy faces, so --natural consequences!-- I am posting one.)  Yesterday morning I drove her to the airport to fly out to school in Maine. It was snowing sloppy snow and blowing; the roads were icy and a bit scary- at least 40 cars in the ditch - but we drove slowly. She didn't miss her plane--it was delayed for hours and her next two connections were cancelled, so she was re-routed to Pittsburgh, where she ended up sleeping in the airport when that connection was cancelled. Joys of traveling.  It has been wonderful having Cadence  home and we miss her already!
This morning I was  a bit dismayed to  find a very snowy landscape when I got up. The air was rather brisk, but at least the sun was out. By afternoon, large swaths of snow had melted. If you look closely, you can see a hint of GREEN!
I took advantage of the sun and delicious breeze to wash the bedding and hang it out to dry. It is going to smell so heavenly crawling into bed tonight!

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