Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bit Cold for a Walk? Baaa!!

It's about time we tackle  that New Year's resolution to get in shape!  So, on Saturday, Rog and I bundled up for a long walk, even though it was a brisk day.  Instead of our usual loop along the bike trail, we headed north toward our neighbors' farm.
Walking into the wind was even colder than we expected, and we appreciated warming up inside Don and Betsy's kitchen when we arrived, chatting for a while.  Then we went out to meet the critters.  They raise Texel sheep, a meat breed that is the most popular breed raised in the United Kingdom, although it is not common in the U.S. yet.
This pen contained all the pregnant ewes.  Lambing will begin in May. I hope to get a call when that happens! I may not be much help, but I am eager to learn - and to take photos of  newborn lambs.
These pen held younger sheep,  many with colorful fleece.
"Badger" is a favorite ewe.
This sheep looked like a movie star to me, those long, shapely legs emerging from that wrap of soft, luxurious fur.
These two furry donkeys reside were once wild burros, adopted through the Bureaus of Land Management's Wild Horse and Burro Program with the idea that they would be guard donkeys for the sheep.
The burros turned out to be better pets than guard animals.  (Now they have three big, white great pyrenees dogs to guard the sheep.)

All of Don and Betsy's animals are calm and friendly, which indicates to me how well-loved and cared for they are.
I didn't take photos of the horses, dogs or chickens this visit, but a pair of  geese  bid us farewell as we headed home.  A  few years ago, Don gave us the three goslings that we raised.

We are so lucky to have friendly, farming neighbors within walking distance!  And happily, the walk home seemed much shorter with the wind at our backs.

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katiegirl said...

What a neat farm! I just love sheep!