Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Roof Over Our Heads

Other than the barn and loafing shed, which have metal roofs, all of our farm buildings have been due for new roofs since we bought the place.   Roofs are this year's big improvement.

We got a couple of quotes and settled on these guys, Ronningen Roofing. They have a full slate of jobs scheduled for the spring, but were able to do our house and garage  last week before they started on their other jobs, thanks to the crazy, unseasonably warm weather.
The crew arrived at sunrise, some of them wearing shorts (on March 15th in Minnesota!), and got to work tearing off the old roof.
By 9:00 a.m. it was so warm they started shedding their shirts.   First sunburns of the season.
The shingles arrived
and were lifted up to the roof.
Because the truck had to park a distance away from the house, some of the  pallet had to be unloaded by hand to lighten the load before it could reach far enough onto the roof to be set down.
Many roofers make light work.
When I returned home from lunch with a friend, the roof was already nearly covered with new shingles.
Installing the ridge vent.
Our roof is pretty steep and high, but these guys are as surefooted as mountain goats! Pretty soon I even forgot to worry about them.  Later they told me they found a number of wasp nests up there, which they kindly removed. It had never occurred to me about that particular hazard of the job--wouldn't want to make a nest of wasps angry when you are atop a roof!
The next day, a few guys finished up details on the house roof and cleaned up the mess, and the rest of the crew tackled the garage.  The shingle delivery guy brought the garage shingles, adeptly maneuvering his  huge truck through a crowd of vehicles and the dumpster.
The  beautiful new roof on the garage!
That's all the roofing we can afford for now - we will do the chicken coop and  farm store/granary in the fall.

Thanks, roofers! Great work!


tami said...

We did our house roof a few years ago. I wanted to switch to metal but shingkles won out.

These guys ARE amazing. Looks great!

Jocelyn said...

It looks great. I admire roofers. They are fast and sure-footed and when they're good, they're amazing. Congrats!

Gardeningbren said...

Beautiful house and great shingle job...looks fantastic.

Snooks said...

Looks like a big job. But it looks so good.
Your home is very beautiful.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Santo Caridine said...

This gave me the idea to hire these men to work on replacing my house’s roof as well. They are pretty fast workers, considering that they finished the work in just 2 days. Haha. I’m sure they’ll finish the job in my roof in a jiffy too!

Brendan Gertner said...

They were pretty fast with their job, but the roof shingles look perfectly placed. In fact, the roof looks better now than the previous roof. It’s also a good thing that they found the wasp nest right away! Otherwise, it would have been disastrous if the wasps suddenly came out and stung everybody. Kudos to those hardworking roofers!

Joann Winton said...

That was way fast! I can say that it was all worth the money. Good thing you considered to hire the services of reliable roofers to do your roof replacement. Now, you have a new roof! Congrats!

-Joann Winton

Ashlee Starns said...

Yes, I think you’ve chosen the right people for the job. So am I right to assume you’ll also get their services for roofing the chicken coop in the fall? I think they’ll also do a wonderful job. But don’t let their efforts end up in vain. Remember to do your part in cleaning and maintaining your roofing systems so that they’ll last longer. =)