Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Rain

It was the second rainy day in a row - rain that we need so badly. In just a couple days the grass has turned from faded brown to brilliant green and other vivid colors are appearing.
Between rain showers, the dogs and Orange Cat and I took a little walk, while everything was dripping.  I finally got one of those shots where the world is reflected in a raindrop.  (You probably have to zoom way in to see it.)
The air was so delicious -- earthy and spicy and fresh all at once.
Walking through the white pines on the path thickly layered with wet, soft needles was even more fragrant.

Since yesterday, the bloodroot has emerged and is beginning to unfurl.
Flower buds on the lilac hedge.
Yesterday, a couple buds on the little white magnolia were just beginning to open; today it is in full bloom with yet another heady fragrance.
One bud on the yellow magnolia was beginning to open this afternoon - perhaps this tree will burst into bloom tomorrow like its cousin the white magnolia. I can't wait to see this magnolia in bloom, its first time since I planted it.



gz said...

Nature breathing a sigh of relief!
It is surprising how just a little rain can kick things off

Fiona@RowangarthFarm said...

Beautifully written and photographed (that reflected raindrop is amazing!). Thanks for sharing your walk with us...

Kinda Like a Chef said...

Gorgeous! Love all the photos! The water drop one is awesome.