Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Geese

Our younger daughter Cadence is currently living in Bogota, Columbia. Recently she called to tell us that she and her friend Javier had done something they hoped they wouldn't regret. Oh dear, they got married, I thought! No, they had purchased two goslings from a man they met walking down the street with a gaggle of geese (whew!). The goslings are an unidentified variety that has a funny-shaped beak and a crest on its head. Cadence emailed us this photo of the goslings before their feathers started growing out. She says she hopes to bring the geese to our farm when she returns to the U.S., but I suspect that could be quite a challenge.

Last week, Cadence informed us that she and Javier had rented a restaurant, which they were cleaning, painting, fixing up and would name "Dos Gansos" - Two Geese. The restaurant has an outdoor courtyard where the geese will live. Those of you who know Cadence and her vagabond ways might wonder how she could possibly afford to open a restuarant - but apparently it is much less costly in Bogota.

Javier is a professional chef and Cadence is an amazing baker, so we know they will serve exquisite food. (Here is Cadence at home in Minnesota last summer, cooking.) Dos Gansos was planned to be open for the first time yesterday -- Cadence and Javier, we wish you success and many happy, well-fed customers. We hope we someday have the pleasure of dining at Dos Gansos!

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Susan Tomlinson said...

That restaurant will be a real adventure!