Friday, November 14, 2008

Amazing Art Finds

Yesterday I made one of my all-too-frequent Salvation Army Thrift store stops (my secret source for great gardening books) and had one of my favorite finds--original art! I always feel a bit sad for the artists, who probably never envisioned their creation ending up in a thrift store, but I also feel so lucky when I have the opportunity buy interesting original art for a song. Plus, it is a mystery and a challenge to try to find out something about the artist.

This large watercolor of lilies is signed by Jane Boyd. Is anybody familiar with her? It was customed framed by Major Art in Davenport, IA, possibly in the 1970s, judging from the frame style. It looks lovely hanging above our piano!

This one is a miniature landscape painting in oil I found a few months ago. I can't quite make out the signature (Selient?)but on the back is written "Paesaggio" ("landscape") and it was apparently sold at "Botteghina d'Arte" in Naples, Italy--someone's souvenir perhaps? I also love the frame; it's 8 x 10, which gives you an idea of how tiny the painting is.

Here is my most mysterious painting, purchased at Goodwill last spring. It is casein, in a huge, black and white wooden frame. On the back is scrawled in pencil:"Christian Art and Spiritual World" "September 1957" and "Dedicated to Bishop Heidiger." It is signed by R. Zimmerman, which I like to imagine might be Robert Zimmerman...could Bob Dylan possibly have created such a painting in high school?

We have talked about turning part of the barn into a gallery(someday). Maybe it should be a second chance gallery, for underappreciated art that was relegated to the thrift store.

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Lucy said...

They do seem to be good finds.

I very much like the colours in the top one.